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Spencer Dean has specialized exclusively in naturalistic habitats for zoos, aquariums, and museums, as well as themed environments since 1992, and has been involved in every facet of his profession, from estimating and design, to lead artist and project manager.

A respected artist in the themed-environment industry, Spencer is well-known for accurately depicting geology, trees, plants, sea biologies, life-forms, and architectural facades. He works with a vast array of materials and innovative techniques to achieve the highest level of detail and believability. His careful observation of nature has led to his involvement in many award winning projects around the world, and now he is bringing this extensive expertise directly to YOU!


Spencer with international crew in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. 

Connie M. Van Cleve is co-owner, admin/marketing/media coordinator, part-time artist and personal assistant to Mr. Dean. An author, avid wildlife photographer, and tour guide, she brings passion and enthusiasm for nature to the business. She has assisted Mr. Dean on and off in the theming industry for 35 years.
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