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Museum Quality

Products & Services

Breathe life and serenity into your

home or business with biophilia!

A human's innate, biological affinity for the natural world.

  • Artificial rock work, trees, facades, textures and finishes

  • Vertical Green Walls  
    (Faux or Living / Fixed or Modular)


  • Water Features & Pool Surrounds
    (Interior / Exterior)


  • Naturalistic Retaining Walls

  • Fire Pits & Fireplace Facades

  • Outdoor Entertainment Areas
    (Kitchens, bars, etc.)


  • Nature-Inspired Custom Furniture, Art & Signage
    (Home / Office)


  • Themed Rooms & Designs
    Man-caves, game rooms, children's rooms, foyers/entryways,
    merchandise displays, doctor's waiting rooms, spas, restaurants, cafes, offices, studios, etc. 

    (Cultural / Natural / Fantasy)


  • Dioramas for Museums, Zoos and Exhibitions
    (And Restorations!) 

  • Scenic Theater & Stage Design

  • Aquarium / Terrarium / Vivarium
    (Exhibit Furnishings)


  • Murals

  • 3D Renders, Scale Models, Value Engineering,
    Design Consulting and Training

    ...and so much more!

    Call us today and

Ph. 512-925-3676

Ph. 360-763-9792

Vertical Green Wall w_Rock Outcrop
SDC indoor artificial water feature concept
Artificial rock pool surround
Mantle Piece close-up
Faux Rock & Tree Mantle Piece
Detail of indoor pool surround
Indoor pool surround water feature
Artificial rock "Boulder Bar" w/lichens and plantings
Retaining wall and water feature for Chi
Spencer at work.
Artificial rock retaining wall and stream
Moveable faux rock & tree for photographer's office.
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